Monday, 13 April 2009


When we were in Malaysia, my new sister-in-law introduced us to Choya, a traditional Japanese ume fruit liquer, also known as Umeshu. It is so refreshing and uplifting! I love it, simply on-the-rocks topped with a whole ume fruit. Each bite into the fruit sends a delicious zing through your taste buds, just as every sip.

It's now our new favourite drink. Addicted!

Ching, I know you're reading this. It's not the same without you.

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Ching Mei Lim said...

Grace, you've turned into an alcoholic!! Or Choyaholic we rather call it :) So, it's not just Gary and I! Haha! I miss you guys a lot. Since the moment I dropped all 4 of you at the airport. Wish I'm there to share your Choya! XOXO

maggie said...

yea.. this one is very very nice and so addictive.. haha.. i am going to start stocking this up when i go back to MY

Wandernut said...

Mmmm I love this!