Tuesday, 18 November 2008

What do I do with you today?

I remember doing this when I was a kid. Back then, I'd forage the garden for leaves of all shapes and sizes, raid the veggie crisper for ladies' finger or okra. The spine of a banana leaf works well too. Ahhh... can't believe I'm now doing it with MY son!

We shall call this Spud Stamping!

A red star. Cut a potato in half. Using a cookie cutter, press roughly 1cm into the spud and cut out the outside of the shape with a paring knife. Dip into some poster paint and start stamping!
We've got ourselves a blue elephant too.

Stamp, stamp, stamp.

Squish, squash, stamp, stamp.

He was kept entertained for a grand total of..... 8 minutes!

Mommy's work of art.
Now, back to watching the 56th episode of Thomas the Tank Engine.
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OH yes, the leng ngau right? How can I forget?!?! Mmmmmm....yummy leng ngau and groundnut soup! :)