Sunday, 23 November 2008

Shapewear buzz

There's a hype in shapewear. Celebrities are wearing them. They are even making their own range of shapewear and calling it celebrity secrets to perfect figure.

Recently I went for a wedding dinner. I wanted to look my best and feel fabulous. I saw a recent story in today tonight about shapewears and review on a few pieces of these fantastic undergarments. The idea is that it takes some inches off and keeps those bits where it should be! Hey, as a mother of two, this story interests me.

I bought my Hollywood Shapes from sportsgirl. It's an all over body shaper with compression panels to flatten the tummy and abs. It has removable and adjustable bra straps, still breastfeeding friendly. The suit is continuous, and that means no VPL's or bulging hips. One size fits most.

With first look, it tells me that there's no way I could squeeze into that sock! However, it is surprisingly very comfortable and easy to wear. The whole idea is that it should be tight, and that there should be some difficulty getting into them. I slipped mine on in 2 seconds. I thought it didn't make too much of a difference, but sure it did firm up my tummy area. There are no VPL's and the breast fit comfortably. I wore it with pants today, and voila, no muffin tops! I am happy with it even if it means taking everything off when you need to go to the toilet!

I know what to get mom for chrissy. :)

RRP $69.95
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Kadus_Mama said...

wow!!! its interesting..wonder if they have it in malaysia???
I have probs with my bulging tummy too.. :(

Grace said...

You look hot kadusmama, what are you talking about??? :)

Nicolleye said...

I am really amazed! With shapewears you don't even have to exercise. =)