Thursday, 6 November 2008

A Typical Thursday

Thursday is the busiest day of the week. This is our typical Thursday:

5.30am Lucas wakes briefly for a feed.

8.30am Lachie wakes and crawls into bed with us. He tells us it's time to get up.

9.00am We have breakfast. Lachie usually has a slice of toast or a bowl of cereal with some milk. I breastfeed Lucas, and he'll have some rice cereal with extra breast milk. Dada feeds Cailler.

9.30am Lachie watches telly, while Lucas plays on the floor. Mummy gets changed. Dada goes to work.....upstairs.

10.00am Change the boys. I put the laundry out. Sometimes Lachie helps me by hanging bibs and facewashers on the peg hanger. Wash up in the kitchen, and put away last nights' dishes.

11.00am Prepare lunch. Pack our bags.

11.25am Leave home for playgroup. Lucas sleeps in his pram or sometimes on the floor at playgroup with big kids zipping around him.

12.30pm Have lunch at playgroup.

1.30pm Pack up, clean up the kids and head home. Sometimes we'll swing by the shops to grab a few things.

2.00pm Lachie naps. Lucas have a play with mummy or by himself. Feed.

3.00pm Lachie wakes. Lucas naps. Lachie drinks a cup of milk or share a tub of yoghurt with me. He plays with his toys while I tidy up the house. He has a snack.

3.30pm We head outdoors. I do a bit of gardening while Lachie plays in his sandpit.

4.00pm Lucas wakes up. He comes outside with us. Sometimes we go for a walk. Or these days, I busy myself in my veggie patch while Luc watches his ko-ko make mudcakes.

5.30pm I prepare dinner. Lachie watches more telly. Lucas roll about on the floor.

6.30pm We have dinner.

7.30pm Dada clean up dishes. He feeds Cailler. Lucas has a bath. Lachie has a bath.

8.30pm Lucas has a feed. I put him to bed. We spend some time with Lachie.

9.30pm Lachie goes to bed.

Midnight. I crash into bed.

Well..... ideally anyways, it doesn't usually happen this way. Sometimes I start hanging up the laundry at 10am and I don't finish till 10pm! Most Thursdays we just get pizza or some takeaways, cos by 5pm I just couldn't be bothered anymore!

An hour ago, the Nintendo DS told me I have a brain age of......... a dinasour! O.o Best Blogger Tips

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maggie said...

wow.. that is a schedule.. where is nap time for mommy?? hehe..
and who says being a housewife is an easy job.. sigh..
but it is soo cool that Gary can work upstairs, at least he can be around to help in case you are really tired..