Sunday, 9 November 2008


Congratulations little-E, you are now one moon old. You make your mommy and daddy proud, that's for sure.

Today, we were blessed with such lovely company. Nothing is more pleasing and heart warming than the aroma of freshly steamed tumeric rice and spicy curry chicken. It makes me feel right at home. OK, so this wasn't the only reason why Aunty Grace came to visit today. It was definitely just to celebrate you turning one month old!

We had such a lovely time, catching up with old friends, breaking into fits of laughter watching the littlies go at the jolly jumper and wonderful food. Thank you K and Big-E for having us!

So how much do I owe you now for this post and 3 cuddles? You do accept paypal don't you? Best Blogger Tips


Little E's mummy said...

congratulations mummy grace! you've just won a voucher that entitles you to a year's worth of unlimited cuddles!
Do I get a voucher for char koay tiao in return?

Grace said...

Hurrahhhh!!!!! Definitely CKT for cuddles!! I think little E's getting ripped off.... first we stink up his hair, then he gets a stinky cuddle from aunty grace! So next weekend? Ready for a stink up??? ehehehhehehe