Saturday, 15 November 2008

On our shelves...

Those who know us will know that we are passionate about our PhotoBooks. It is afterall our livelihood.

The photobook business was the brainchild of my brother, Mark. What a clever fella he is! Well done bro, we are eternally grateful to have this wonderful opportunity. Now, we are a worldwide company with Photobook Canada and Photobook Australia picking up speed. Visit out worldwide website here.

This is a photobook for the best mom ever! It was even featured in TheStar for mother's day this year.

Our holiday to Hong Kong in December 2007.

I'm even fuelling up a recipe book with a collection of mouth watering, well tested recipes and hand-me-down family favourites. Who knows one day I might be selling you a copy? ;) Anyone interested?

Photobook Possibilities

Travel & events Whether it’s a birthday, weekend getaway or a trip of a lifetime, you can immortalise your memories with your own custom-made photo book.
Weddings & anniversaries Weddings are a once-in-a-life-time moment, and what better way to cherish the memories than by sharing it with all of your friends? You can also compile a collection of pictures depicting the times you’ve shared together for the anniversary of an occasion.
Arts & photography Share your amazing photographs with the rest of the world. It shouldn’t remain stored in the computer. Photobook Australia’s services are great for professional photographers who want to create their own portfolio.
Babies & children Capture precious moments such as the birth of your child or your kid’s graduation. Or compile a collection of photographs to track their growing years.
Business development Perfect for creating corporate profiles for smaller companies or showcase your products and services in a photobook. Travel companies could compile a collection of their resorts in pictures to be placed in travel agencies.
Your own work Showcase your collection of artwork or document the progress of a particular project. You could even publish your own storybook complete with pictures and illustrations, or create your own diary.

The possibilities are endless!

What will your book be?

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Little E's mummy said...

I'm putting my name down for your recipe book! Little E wants you to hurry up and finish the book before his mummy poisons him with indomie.

Grace said...

Hahhaahahahha....that's very funny mom-e! Right now, I think he's happy with mom-e's moo moo special!

Shee said...

Hello Grace, I stumbled across your blog through Nuffnang through Karen Cheng ... ;) Just wanted to ask if you're in Perth, or how I can have a look at a sample Photobook?? Thanks.

Grace said...

Hi Shee,
Thanks for dropping by. We're in Melbourne and you can definitely pop by to have a look at some samples when you're in town. Otherwise, if you're going back to KL/Malaysia anytime soon, you can also check them out there. They're in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam not too far from KL. (Details on website)
Cheers, Grace. :)