Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Lucas - 6 months

Today, Lucas is 6 months old.

We went for a routine check-up at our Maternal & Child Health Centre.

He weighs 8.775kgs!
He is 67cm long.
He blows raspberries.
He drinks mummy's milk.
He eats green, orange and brown mush.
But most of all, he loves eating his HANDS! Both at the same time even if it doesn't fit.
He can drink his milk and suck his thumb at the same time.
He is such a happy, HAPPY child.

Mummy loves you Lucas! XOX
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maggie said...

wow!! 6 months already.. it is unbelievable how time passes by.
he is putting on real good weight there.. i think he is going to be heavier than Joel soon.. ahah.
i just realise Lucas and Jovan are close to 3 months apart.. hehe.

Wandernut said...

He's such a lovely boy.
You make beautiful children.
So go make more!! :D

Grace said...

I know! They grow up too quickly Mags. When they're bigger, 3 months is like nothing, they might even be hopping in the same bus to school!

WN more???????? @.@ yeah, maybe one more :P and thats IT!

maggie said...

yes yes! go for the 3rd one..then i might feel abit motivated.. hahaha