Thursday, 27 November 2008

Cars in bed

I've been upstairs in the study for a little while now, busy putting up a list of books for sale on ebay. I heard a tiny sound on the stairs... what could it be? Hubby is not home, the boys should be in bed. I tucked them both in an hour ago. I went downstairs and almost tripped over Lachie at the bottom of the stairs. It was dark.

"Lachie, what are you doing?" asked me.

"I want to wake up," said he.

"Go back to bed," I said.

"There're too many cars in there. They're racing, vrroommm vrrooommmm"

I went into his bedroom and there on his bed were 26 cars of all shapes and sizes, lined up in a row!

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Kadus_Mama said...

Lachie brought his cars to sleep with him????? hahaha..sooo cute..
My son has his green man + Dr.otto figurines sleep with him..

Grace said...

Lachie is crazy about cars! He sleeps with them yes!! haha... I don't know who green man and Dr. otto is yet but I'm sure one day i will... :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Green Man = incredible hulk and Dr.Otto is the villain in spiderman 2 movie.. :)

Grace said...

LOL! I blurrrr lah when it comes to these things, but i'm sure in a couple of years time I'll know green man blue man etc.