Sunday, 23 November 2008

Family time

It was lovely to spend the day with family. I invited a couple of cousins and their girlfriends, my sister-in-law and her kids for lunch today. A casual get together. We wanted the kids to have an early birthday celebration as they'd be flying off to Malaysia at the end of next week and we'll be missing their birthday on the 30th. (Yes, they both share the same birthday with their papa!)

We had sausages sizzling, steaks in oregano and red wine, grilled lemon grass chicken wings and freshly baked crusty bread, a balsamic salad and potato salad. For dessert we had a cheesecake slice and fruitcake with custard. Mmmmm.... all a little bit unkind to the hips. I can feel it coming, the start of many backyard barbies.

Yeap, our christmas tree is up! Best Blogger Tips

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