Sunday, 2 November 2008

Growing Veggies

I was inspired by Karen Cheng, domestic goddess & problogger.

Last week on her blog, she wrote about her lettuce box. It made me want my own lettuce box too.

I had a parcel delivered in a styrofoam box the other day. It was the perfect size and wouldn't weigh a ton. I filled the bottom with cardboard and bamboo leaves, topped it up with soil and compost.

We planted dwarf red cos and cos lettuce. Cost $2.39 per punnet from Bunnings.
Now I have my own lettuce box! Thanks Karen!

Now guess who's lined the other seedlings up????

We've planted cucumber, squash, tomatoes, pumpkin, beans and sunflower seeds in our brand new veggie patch. Soon after, it began to rain and I didn't have time to snap more photos. A blessing! I didn't have to water my little babies in... (I still did anyways, that's why my bubs are topping charts! :P) Let's hope we'll be munching veggies soon...

Munch, munch...
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1 comment:

Wandernut said...

I want my own lettuce patch and herb garden toooo!!!

Take pics of your herb garden! Let me live precariously through you! Hee hee hee.