Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Grow with Nuffnang

Earlier this week, I received a parcel in the mail. What a pleasant surprise! It was from Nuffnang Australia. In the parcel were some samples from Redken, John West, Leggo's, Spring Valley and a Coles Myer $10 gift card. Wow! Thanks Nuffnang!

If you've been following my blog, you would know that I have been with Nuffnang Australia, a blog advertising provider, since day 1 and must I say it has been such a pleasurable experience! They have been the most generous when it comes to giving, from free movie tickets to lavish Christmas presents (I still can't thank you enough Santa Nuffie!). And for a small time blogger like me, the advertisements are actually paying off.

This month, the Nuffies are running a campaign, a membership drive to get 1000 bloggers from the 800 or so members that they already have. I think this will in turn help us grow and get rewarded. They've already secured some big players like Coles Myer Group and ANZ Bank and I believe they will continue to grow to become a leading blog advertising company, just as their No.1 counterpart in Asia: Malaysia & Singapore.

So if you're a blogger in Australia and haven't signed up with Nuffnang, hop on over and SIGN UP! You will be rewarded! Also for signing up, you will receive a welcome pack, just like the one I've received. Lots of goodies & a $10 voucher to spend! What are you waiting for??

Oh, and one more thing... When you sign up, don't forget to write my blog URL as your referee. This will put me in the running to win a $500 gift voucher. And if I win, I will definitely share this amazing prize with you! You have to tell me who you are though...


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Kruppy said...

Thanks for the post - we hope you like your presents!