Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lucas is Walking

So today, Lucas finally took more than 3 steps on his own. For months now, I've been saying he'll be walking in no time. He pulled to stand really really early, and then started cruising along furnitures. He took a couple of steps, and that's all he did for a long long time. And then for close to half a year, he cruises. He's a cruiser. And he crawls, wearing his bodysuits and jeans thin at the knees.

So finally he's walking. He traipses from one corner of the TV cabinet to the lounge, that's 7-8 steps. Then he waddles along the length of the sofa, and totters over to the other side of the wall. Sometimes he takes his steps too quickly and stumbles over. It is so so cute!

Today, he walks. Lucas is 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks and 6 days old.
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maggie said...

i love the starting to walk stage.. they are so cute! like little drunkies.. congrats on the milestone! looks like you are going to have your hands full now..:))

grace Lee said...


Wandernut said...

How cuuutteee!

It's scary to see how your kids have grown on your blog... I can't imagine how it must be as their mummy to witness this.

Kisses to Lukey boy.

Teng Heng said...

Wow! A BIG step forward. Soon he will be running around. Previously I used to worry for his knees.

Grace said...

Mags: My hands are full alright! Not only is he walking, he's climbing onto dining chairs, tables, ledge etc. It's like we have to be constantly on standby.

Grace: Thanks!

Nuttyyy: Thanks! You will soon witness it yourself right? XOXOX back!

TH: Yeah, his knees are a bit banged up. His skin is rough and dark from the constant rubbing and bumping. Oh well, least we know he'll be off his knees pretty soon.