Monday, 17 August 2009

Fairy Toadstool Cottage Birthday Cake

Here's another one for the collection. A Fairy Toadstool Cottage Birthday Cake for a friend's granddaughter who turned 3 today.

Girly birthday cakes are much more fun to make! Like seriously. There's not one drop of blue or green or black in the icing! The colours are vibrant, pink, pink more pink! And I popped that many lollies I was silly for the rest of the afternoon. Plus, I could unleash my inner girly girl. Loved it.

AND. I saw the biggest ever smile when I delivered the cake. I knew I've done it for the birthday girl.
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maggie said...

awww.. Grace, you did it again!!!!

too pretty to eat...

Leonny said...

ooooo MY ...!!! it's soooo nice!!!! I'd be too happy to eat it if I were the bday girl!!! :D

Wandernut said...

It's so pretttttyyy!!
And looking at it almost gave me an anaphylactic shock! :D

Grace said...

Nutty: Eyes bleeding now??? Teehee!! DIdn't think I could come up with something so.... pink! Gahhhh! Can't imagine having daughter(s)

Mags & Leo: Thanks!

Jess said...

Cute as Grace!

I love those little marshmallow toadstools!

Grace said...

Thanks Jess! :)