Wednesday, 13 May 2009

My Year Without Sex

No dahlings, we're not about to openly discuss my sex life here although there're much similarities to what's about to come.

Thanks to the lovely people at Nuffnang Australia, we have some FREE movie tickets to giveaway!

MY YEAR WITHOUT SEX is a kind of love story about all the big questions, and even more of the small ones. Over one messy year, Ross and Natalie navigate their children, nits, housework, birthdays, Christmas, faith, football, job insecurity, more nits, and whether they will ever have sex again.

Brilliant! There's just so much in life to look forward to, huh?

If you're like Ross and Natalie, Gary and me, please email me at I have 2 free tickets to giveaway. It doesn't replace sex but hey, 2 hours away from your kids, who knows what it will lead to? Winners will be randomly drawn from...a hat. Babysitters not included.

Or. If you don't have kids and want to watch the movie anyways, email me and you will also be in the draw.

Entries close Monday 25th of May 2009.

In the movies Thursday May 28th, 2009 until the end of the film's theatrical session. (Exclude public holidays and discount days).

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Dave said...

Hope you enjoy taking some time off without the kids and the movie!

Thanks again for participating our blog events. Hope to do more for our blogging community.

Nuffnang Australia

Grace said...

Thanks Dave! Looking forward to more Nuffnang events in future.

And wishing you and Grace all the best with upcoming baby! Do keep in touch.

Grace Koay

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