Monday, 17 August 2009

Cupcakes for RSPCA

August 15th was cupcakes for RSPCA Day. We bought a dozen cupcakes from Lil' Cupcakes Diary, a home-based cupcake company owned by a budding pastry chef, Angeline.

Angeline is the younger sister of Michelle, a good mate from my university days. We were pretty close. We hung out quite a lot, the same study group, we both love shopping and have pretty similar taste in fashion. She would pick the same top as I, but we did not even shop together. We'd end up walking into a tute wearing the exact same thing, only difference is that she is literally half the size of me! I'm a size 12, she is a size 6. Well, at least we won't be fighting over sizes. Now, Michelle is happily settled in Singapore, working as a doctor, married to a doctor and mother to a beautiful girl.

Anyways, back to cupcakes. Lachie and I drove down to the city to collect our cupcakes. The pick up point was QV, right in the heart of the city. Lachie was really excited about the trip because living in the suburbia, we've only been down town a handful of times.
We parked the car and walked a couple of blocks down Lonsdale Street. Being a hill billy that he is, he said "Oh, hi!" to everyone he passes. Every. Single. Person!

Oh hi! Oh hi! Hi! Hi! Hello! Hi! Oh, hi! Hi! Hello! Hi........

Cupcakes were wonderful, thanks Angeline. Hope you had a successful day fund raising for RSPCA. Hop over to Angeline's facebook page to check out her lovely collection of cupcakes.

Lil' Cupcakes Diary

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Lins said...

Next time come down to the city must call me ok : ) Meet up for lunch and bring your little boys!