Friday, 14 August 2009

Guess who?

Gary was sorting through his desk the other day and found a spare passport photo.

He asked me if it was Lachlan or Lucas.

I stared at the photo for a good 5 seconds. Who is this? I could not tell my sons apart! Gaahhh!!

Can you guess who is who?
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Lins said...

Hmm the one in the stripes is Lucas?? : )

Anonymous said...

I guez Lachlan in pale blue, Lucas in stripes. am i right?? am i right?? haha. ur boys are soooo adorable.

maggie said...

blue is Lachy? and stripes is Lucas?? eheh

Grace said...

Oh you're all too good! Correct! It was the eyes that gave it away wasn't it?

Try the @Birth one! That one is more tricky... took me ages to figure them out! Hhahaah