Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lil' Cupcakes Diary for RSPCA

Will you just have a look at these gorgeous little things! They're cupcakes made by a very VERY talented young lady, a qualified pastry chef and a budding entrepreneur. I went to uni with her sister, Michelle and in those days we hung out together quite a lot.

Angeline, her baby sister (who of course is not quite THE baby anymore), has started a business from home making cupcakes, and also taking orders for wedding cakes and wedding favours. It's called Lil' Cupcakes Diary. Check out her site on facebook for the prettiest cupcakes ever seen! These photos are some of my favourites.

On Monday, the 17th of August 2009, Angeline will be doing a bake off. She is raising money for RSPCA Cup Cake Day. 100% of the profit will be donated to RSPCA, a non-government community based animal welfare charity. So, she's baking up a storm and selling her scrumdiliumptious cupcakes to public.

Please support Angeline in her efforts to raise funds for charity. For more information, do contact Angeline directly at Cupcakes are priced at $2 each or 3 for $5. Or drop me a note if you're in the eastern side of Melbourne. I will make a bulk order.

And if you're looking at having cupcakes for a special occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding, I am sure Angeline will be happy to take orders! Do email her for a quote.

Photos by Lil' Cupcakes Diary. Good Luck Angeline!
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Rilsta said...

Wow, what beautifully designed cupcakes! They look so delicate.

Grace said...

Thanks for dropping by Rilsta! They are stunning don't you think? She is definitely one talented lady.

Arielle Antoinette said...

OH OH how pretty are those cupcakes! Hmm will definitely bookmark this for reference if I don't get the chance to make cakes for Arielle's birthday this year.