Friday, 3 July 2009

We'll be flying... in December!

We have finally booked our tickets! And we got it real cheap too.

Now, if you're thinking of a holiday, just don't think. Go BOOK your tickets now. There's a sale happening at Air Asia. We got our tickets for less than AUD$350 per person return, inclusive of all taxes and fees. Lucas pays only $35 each way! Yep, you have to believe this.

We have travelled with Air Asia once before, and really we didn't mind it at all. Just don't expect anything fancy. This is a budget airline, there's inexpensive food and drinks for sale. You have to bring your own entertainment, warm clothing or blanket. Otherwise there's comfort and entertainment kits for sale. Cabin crew were friendly and helpful on our last trip. We had the front row seats to accommodate a bassinet for Lucas, so leg room wasn't a problem.

One thing I'm anxious about though, is the departure time delays. Our last trip back, our flight was delayed from midnight to about half past four in the wee hours of the morning. Just imagine us, hanging around at the airport, zombie-like, chasing after 2 highly charged-god-knows-where-they-get-their-energy-from boys. And just last month, my parents' flight was delayed too, until 6am. They were given a $20 food voucher each, and guess what? The only place opened was McDonald's. So mom and dad ended up with $40 worth of quarter pounders and fries (YUCK).

But hey, they are amazingly cheap. I will fly with them every time they run a promotion like this one.

Go! Go book your holiday! Best Blogger Tips

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