Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Swimming School

Today, Lachy attended his first official swimming lesson after a little while living on dry grounds. He enjoyed every minute of it.

He gained confidence quite quickly, trusting his new swimming teacher Rebecca and letting her take him into deep waters. He learnt to blow bubbles under water, to relax his body and paddle, he could tread water for a little bit on his own, float on his back and jump into deep water with the supervision of his teacher. He learnt cues of when to dive in, and also basic safety in water like twisting and turning from the side of the pool and swimming back to the wall.

Let's see how he progresses.

Lucas had his first baby swimming class last Friday. Let's just say he's not as adventurous as big brother Lachy in the water. He gripped on to me so tightly that I had his finger imprints all over my neck! I guess he was feeling very anxious about jumping into a huge bathtub with hundreds of strangers. Eventually he relaxed a little and enjoyed the water. Today, when his koko had his swimming lesson, he wanted to jump in. Oh well, he'll have to wait till Friday. Best Blogger Tips

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Grace Lee said...

Oh.. which reminds me I outto go enrol Arielle. Which one do you go to?? OH and... there's a baby and kids market on this Sunday in Camberwell... Wanna GO?