Friday, 17 July 2009

Otrivin Saline Baby

So the boys are sick. There's snot and goobligoo dripping from every orifice. Their coughing sounds like seals barking. There's constant whinging, their appetite is shot, they are moody and not happy chappy.

Oh well, just as well I received the Otrivin Saline Baby trial packs from the good people at Vibe Village. It consist of single use, sterile, preservative-free saline solution vials and a bulb aspirator. The saline solution dilutes thickened nasal mucus and the bulb aspirator sucks out the gunk.

To be perfectly honest, the boys hated it. I loved it! As sadistic as it may sound, I have an obsession with the sucking and the squirting of goo. Joy. All for the much needed relief of unblocking their very congested nose. It helps them breathe easy and rest well.

Hop over here to see a demonstration video of how it is used and to earn points for my charity.
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Anonymous said...


Sara here...I have never seen anything so funny :) your two boys are so so cute...Hope I can see them when I am visiting my sis next year.


Grace said...

Hi Sara!

Congratulations on baby Joy! She is so adorable, so dainty, she makes me clucky for a girl! eheh... We must catch up when you're here, or even when we're back in Malaysia at the end of the year. My parents live in Kota Kemuning too. Take care and cuddles to Joy!
X Grace