Saturday, 4 July 2009

MasterChef: Open Beef Kofta

So, they said MasterChef is making people fat and I reckon there's a little bit of truth to that.

Every Friday night after a Master Class, I had to try a new recipe out. It's funny, I sit in front of the telly with my notepad and my pen jotting down recipes just like one of the contestants. OK, sometimes in my dreams I'm one of them.

There was an episode that I recorded, when George Colambaris made his dark chocolate mousse with just dark chocolate, olive oil and whipped cream. I literally paused half way through, ran to my kitchen and whipped up a batch of chocolate mousse. It was so soooo goooood.

So this is what we had for dinner tonight: Open Beef Kofta made to George's mother's recipe. Click here to watch the episode.

I love the smell of coriander seeds and cumin seeds being toasted in the pan and then pounded in the mortar and pestle. Instead of a cucumber salad, I made an easy rocket leaf salad with red onions and coriander to go on mine. And oh, with a little minced meat left, I made a meatball pizza with garlic, sliced tomatoes, onions and cheese, using pita bread as the base. It was such a deliciously quick and easy meal. Best Blogger Tips

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