Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Quick, call the Ambulance!

Me: Lachy, don't open your mouth when you're eating! You're spitting your food out!

A few minutes later...

Me: Lachy, take another bite of your lunch.

Lachy: But you just told me not to open my mouth!


Me: Lachy eat up your broccoli please.

Lachy: But it is a teeny small tree. I can't eat it. It will get hurt.


The other day, I was chopping a whole chicken to stew for dinner.

Lachy: Oh no! The chicken needs to go to the hospital. It is hurt.


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1 comment:

laura said...

AIYOYOYOYOYOYO tooooo smart!!! I'm pissing myself laughing! I also want a mini lachy now! Just to have one that says the DARNDEST TINGS!