Friday, 10 July 2009

15 month old Vocabulary

Lucas is 15 months old. He is learning to speak!

I remember Lachie when he was this age. Apart from just random babbling, he didn't say much else until he was almost 2 years old! Ahh, they say "Boys, they're just a little slower in picking words up". However, eversince he started talking, he hasn't stopped. He's like a little M16, shooting out words.

Lucas on the other hand, spoke quite early at 13 months. His first specific word was "Kong-Kong" which meant grandfather in our dialect. It was when my dad was here from Malaysia. That made him a happy happy grandpa. Soon after, he called my mom "Poh-poh", his brother "Ko-ko", his other grandpa "Yeh-yeh", his dad "Dadda". "Mum?" Well, it was more like a non-specific random babble "Mamamamama...". Like "Mamamamama" could mean I'm hungry or I want to be picked up, or a complain when Ko-Ko is being a bully.

Now, he says a handful of words. He loves "Ball", it's his absolute favourite thing in the world to play with. He picks up a ball and say "Throw" or "Kick" when he's kicking it.

When I took him to the Caribbean Gardens, we sat in front of the lakes watching the ducks swim. He said "Duck". And then he said Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck...

His change table is right next to a big window that overlooks our neighbour's roof and the sky. Most often there will be a bird perched on the roof. He says bird in the funniest possible way. It's more like "Berk" and he says it with a staccato and so much gusto. It's just funny, I could not describe it!

He could name a few things in his picture book. His usual favourites, "ball", "duck" and "car".
He says "Star". And when you ask him "Where?". He points to the night sky and says "There!"

I am full of pride. My little fellow is so clever!
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