Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Just Another Icing on the Cake!

We attended a couple of birthday parties last weekend. I helped a friend ice this cake for a special little boy who loves Thomas and donuts.
I raided Lachy's toy box for this one because I really didn't have a clue at first what to come up with, with a dozen Krispy Kremes and an Indonesian layered cake (which I didn't bake).

I'm adding it to the list Of All The Cakes I've Made Before.
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maggie said...

you are so creative Grace! can i get you to make Jovan's cake?? heheh

Grace said...

My pleasure Mags! Seriously I can... What does he like? Cars and trains like his kor-kor? Or bugs and creepy crawlies? Or rocketship or dumptruck? Ugghh... why do boys like disgusting stuff anyways????

Just imagine what birthday cake they would want for their 18th birthday????? A pair of boobs????? O.o

maggie said...

haha.. i don't think they will still get their mommies to make cakes for them when they are 18.. ahahhah..

Jovan doesn't know what he likes now.. more like it is for the big korkor to enjoy!.. :) i was just kidding..we haven't even thought of anything yet.. sigh.. such bad parents..

Grace said...

No way Mags, you are no way near "bad parents!" Gosh, you are a full time working mom with TWO actually THREE boys! hehehe... Don't know how you do it.

Anyways, decorating a cake is really therapeutic! Try it... you'll like it. And it's addictive too. So yeah, I'm serious! I can make one for Jovan. ;) His birthday coming up soon!