Sunday, 5 July 2009

McHappy Weekend

We celebrated a friend's birthday at McDonald's this weekend.

The boys had their Happy Meal. Their nuggets and fries were wolfed down even before I had time to say Boys eat up your Veee.... but wait, there's none.

Look how big Lucas has grown now. He's still a little unsteady on his feet, could walk a couple of steps but looses his balance and tips over. So he crawled all over the soft playground, still wet from the rain, splashed in puddles, got soaked and got very very happy.
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Maria said...

Yep, Lucia has had maccas already. Only nuggets at first but then once I gave her a cheeseburger and she wolfed the whole thing down! Btw, don't think I've told you but Lucia is walking! A month ago it was a couple of steps here and there but now she's all over the place! We really need a playdate on Fridays :).

maggie said...

aww.. he is just too cute.. just looking at the pic makes me wanna cuddle him tight! i bet you are spoiling him with lots of hugs and kisses.. who can resist that face!

Grace said...

Oohh, yes we need a playdate with Lucia! This Friday good for you? Will call...

Mags: Bet you are the same with your jovan! Can see he's mummy's little boy. (Oops, Joel you can't read this yet can you?)