Friday, 10 July 2009

3 year old Ambitions

I asked Lachy the other day, What do you want to be when you grow up?

He was silent for a while, thinking.

Do you want to be a fireman? He said no.
Do you want to be a doctor? He said no.
Do you want to be a policeman? He said no.
Do you want to drive dump trucks? He said no!
Do you want to be a businessman like Dadda, and sell Photobooks? Uhmm, he said no.

Then he said "I want to be a ROCKSTAR. I want to play the guitar and sing in a band. I want to play Guitar Hero everyday." *Plays air-guitar*

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Lins said...

Hehe so cute. "Rock star!!". Can so imagine him saying that.

Was watching Michael Jackson's home videos on youtube and he also asked his kids the same thing.

Grace Lee said...

hahaha... i think he has the same ambitions as my dear hubby. Lol... get onto it before its too late when they are BIG. :) I asked arielle that last year and she said she wanted to be a cleaner!

Maria said... cute! It's Gary's fault though...he bought the Guitar Hero! :)

Grace said...

Lins: Lach is so into MJ too. He watched the tribute show on TV, learnt some dance moves and wanted to play "beat it" on GH all the time! He even knows the lyrics to half the song. Geezz....

Grace said...

Grace L: LOL!! Your dear hubby is a big kid too? Oh which reminds me, my brother-in-law Guaran and his wife Chai, know you and your hubby. From soccer? What a small world!

Arielle a cleaner? Hey, they earn good money too don't they? hehehe... probably more than a rockstar! :P

Grace said...

Maria: It is Gary's fault! Actually it's a real funny sight when I come home from gym, Lachy and Gary on the guitars and Lucas will be slobbering all over the microphone! LOL!

Leonny said...

hahaha ... he's so cute! :D