Thursday, 5 March 2009

Big Kid Big Trouble

I did mention a little earlier, that I haven't been blogging about the boys. Truth is, these last few weeks have been a real challenge for us as parents. I am talking about Lachlan, our terribly-tantrum-throwing-two-year-old, turning terrificly-three at the end of April. And I don't like to write about negativity. But I guess sometimes there is so much to learn from the hard times. It just makes us appreciate the good moments even more than before.

Life with children is full of ups and downs. Like a roller coaster ride. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Every single day I wake up to a battle ground. It's a battle of having to repeat myself nearly 10 times, to ask him to do a simple task. Like your breakfast is ready, sit down and drink your milk...etc. This will be met by a very defiant NO. He completely ignores my requests, deliberately do something to annoy me or sometimes even physically hurting me or someone else, usually someone smaller than himself and you-know-who!

I find myself in a really scary rage, turning into some kind of monster that little kids are afraid of, raising my voice so much so that my dog curls up in a whimpering heap!

Sometimes I feel like a twisted knot, I'm stressed and angry. And I keep reminding myself that this is part of him growing up. That he is a healthy and happy 3 year old with so much to explore and so much to learn. I count my blessings he is full of energy, he is smart and often testing the limits. It's just part of normal and healthy development.


Rules are rules. Boundaries need to be set. So I may be that ugly monster of a mom for a little while, but I sure do hope that he grows out of this real soon.
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