Friday, 20 March 2009

My mother's garden

I am so in love with my mother's garden.

It is lush and evergreen, and has a well manicured lawn that is never-ending, my boys love to run and tumble and play on.

It has ponds with tiny fish and tadpoles. Lachy could just sit and watch these tiny creatures for hours, while Lucas love to plunge his little hands in to catch them! There were squirrels, which according to my dad were pests for they munch on the fruits that he grows.

There are lotuses, ferns, tall tropical trees. There are beautiful bright flowers, bushy plants with glossy leaves and edible fruits: Papayas, Longans, Lime and a few others. Ahhh... I wish I had a garden like this!

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Wandernut said...

Lovely!! They've sold the SS19 house?

Grace said...

WeiNa: They did! They moved to Kota Kemuning for about 2 years now. Loving it! Hey, must do a karaoke session one day... :D