Saturday, 28 March 2009


Driving in Malaysia takes 10 years off your life!

There is no order, no rules, no etiquette. You don't need your indicators and you drive with your eyes closed, sometimes. What I meant was, sometimes you just need to cross a busy intersection, or go into a roundabout, with LOTS of courage, a little stupidity (and with your eyes closed) and just PRAY that the huge overloaded semi-trailer don't come crashing into you.

3 lanes become 5 as motorists squeeze and jump queues. Cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles weave in and out with only inches between them. Motorcyclists cheat death as they swamp the roads, just as annoying as mosquitoes, awaiting to be crushed or swiped.

There is no road map as the road changes every hour. Construction never ends. They built new roads to divert bottle-necks. Potholes.

I took my in laws for a drive yesterday, from Kota Kemuning Hills down Kesas Highway to Subang Jaya and down Jalan Kewajipan, across the big crazy roundabout to Sunway Pyramid! It was quiet in the car, I could hear a pin drop! It was as if I could even hear them hold their breath! There was applause when we got there, and a pat on my back. Now for the trip back...

Today, I feel like going for a ride again. Best Blogger Tips

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