Friday, 13 March 2009

Just a little bit crazy

There's a big weekend coming up. A big event for the family.

Here is a sneak peak.

The boys are sick. L1 has been vomiting profusely. He is weak and listless. The only thing that's getting him going is the wobbly red jelly in the fridge. He's been checking every 10 minutes to see if they're set.

L2, I don't know where he's getting his energy from. He vomited thrice yesterday, and has poo-ed non-stop today. Yucky, stinky, Rotavirus. He's still as wriggly as ever, as cheery as ever.

Let's hope we get over this soon. Real soon. Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

oh my.. hope they get well to enjoy the wedding. you know it is such a small world, your sis-in-law works in the same project as me.. ahhaha..

Wandernut said...

poor babies... hope they'll be well soon!