Monday, 9 March 2009


I have a few good friends who live near the city. Friends from the pre-historic uni era. One of which became Lachlan's godmother. She was the intermediary between Gary and I, our matchmaker. And I hold her responsible for our two boys, for my sleepless nights, my post-childbearing curves. I can think of so many more. It's ALL her fault! O.o

She was also maid-of-honour at our wedding.

Anyways, yesterday we went to visit god mom and our good friends. They live in a quaint little Victorian house just across the road from uni, and a stone's throw from the city. The house brought back so many memories, the good old days...some just too painful to remember.

God mom and friends spoilt us silly. The boys were passed from one uncle to another aunty, they were showered with so much attention! Lachy played water gun with his god uncle, he rode on his ultra-funky bike, jumped in puddles, he even played guitar hero! He was given a present, this really cool spiderman shorts, that when it gets wet, spiderwebs magically appears! Cool... great for toilet training huh? Also, god uncle let him take home one of his toy cars which has become his favourite. God uncle Jason, you are officially his bestest mate ya' know.

This morning when he woke up, he wanted to visit Kai Mah again.
Pssttt... Kai Mah is smart, sassy and oh so sexy. And she's also oh so SINGLE! Whoopeeee... Leave me your bio if you're interested, or if you know someone!

I am going to get into so much trouble for this. Oh, did I mention she was responsible for our sleepless nights??
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