Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Selections

Do you have many pictures that is stored away in your computer, just sitting in folders, not doing anything? (Try making a photobook at!)

Today, I'd like to share with you a couple of photos for each month in the last 5 months. Looking back before this blog was resurrected again, my last post was in July 2011. July! So, I came across a photography meme at Frogpondsrock, and thought maybe I should pick a few photos of the kids at random, just for the past few months.


August 2011

Daddy, lend me your shoulder...

The boys at RSPCA Cupcake Day

September 2011

My grungy boy, Lachlan at the local park

October 2011

November 2011

Falling asleep in grandpa's arms

December 2011

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Kim (frog ponds rock) said...

Thank you for joining in.Your photos of your children made me smile. A lovely way for me to start my day.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

What handsome boys - and such a pretty little girl, too! I LOVE the 'Daddy lend me your shoulder' picture - so sweet!!

Grace said...

Thank you Kim! And thanks for sharing your meme, your photos of nature are just SO awesome! :)

Carolina said...

The 'Daddy lend me your shoulder' photo is just precious. And I do like the funny angle on the one of your girl, taken from above. Makes it a very interesting shot. The cupcakes were obviously a success ;-)

learncreatedo said...

These are all very cute photos! 'Daddy lend me your shoulder' is just gorgeous.

Grace said...

Jay at The Depp Effect, Carolina, learncreatedo, thank you all so much for lovely compliments! I love the daddy lend me your shoulders best too! :)