Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day!

Australia celebrates its National Day today. And so did we. Nothing says it better than some good ol' snags on the barbie (except hubby didn't feel like cleaning the barbie, so we did it on the stove!), cold beer and thongs. And oh, pavlova of course!

Zucchinis from the garden. Scroll down to see where it came from!

Brown sugar pavlova with fresh cream, raspberries and coulis.

And here's a bit of weirdness from the garden. The zucchini that we ate for dinner today was part of this giant monster. Just over 3 kgs, it weighs just about the same as Lily when she was born and half a meter in length! Crikeyyyy!

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1 comment:

Germaine said...

oh my goodness! LOVE that shot of the giant zucchini next to your little girl. :) Seems like you had a really lovely Australia Day! :)