Sunday, 15 January 2012

I Am Reading...

Here's my photo for yesterday...
Day 14|What I'm reading

It's one of the books that I have by my bed side, that I will flip through every now and again to remind myself... It's a good book, I do recommend it to any parent. Here's a summary page that I've book-marked (this book mark was a present for me, made by Lachlan at kinder for Mother's Day last year *loved it*):

Helping Children Deal with Their Feelings

Children Need to Have Their Feelings Accepted and Respected.

1. You can listen quietly and attentively.

2. You can acknowledge their feelings with a word.

"Oh... Mmm... I see..."

3. You can give the feeling a name.

"That sounds frustrating!"

4. You can give the child his wishes in fantasy.

"I wish I could make that car you are looking for reappear for you right now, with my magic wand!"

All feelings can be accepted.

Certain actions must be limited.

"I can see how angry you are at your brother. Tell him what you want with words, not fists."


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