Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hello and happy new year from bloggy heaven!

Here's my first blog post for the year 2012. A surprise for some of you that have been checking back on me. See, I have not (nearly!) given up.

Looking back, I have been reflecting. A full time mom juggling three kids under 5, captain of the house and playing taxi driver, butler, chef and confidante to my loved ones. It hasn't been easy. There has been some big life changing events. A death in the family. Kids growing up. Last day at kinder, orientation at new school. Going to a new kinder, new teachers, new surroundings. A growing toddler, tackling terrible threes (and fours! and fives!), the list goes on....

My blog. I wondered if my heart was still in it. If I'm still able to find the balance and the time to write.

Obviously I haven't given up. Here's my half attempt on trying to revive something I once put my heart and soul in. Something that kept me up into the wee hours of the night.

Without my blog, I wouldn't have won my little mini dell, that sadly has also gone up to (bloggy) heaven. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to write and review, and share my thoughts, my joy and my pride with all of you. I could not just.give.up.


So welcome back! Happy new year 2012! Here's to an exciting, awesome year of blogging. Best Blogger Tips

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Mamapumpkin said...

Awesome Blossom! Suddenly in a week, so many posts! Thank you! Looking forward to more. I'm struggling myself, but I guess blogging will have its dry seasons especially when we're such busy Moms. Welcome back!