Friday, 13 January 2012

In My Bag...

Photo A Day|Day 13
Here's what's in my (other) bag...

To be honest, I have not been carrying this bag at all this week. My phone and my wallet does not belong in there. It goes into the swimming bag, it wobbles along with the nectarines and the eggs in the "green" grocery bag, or it just sits atop of the shoe cabinet in the foyer. This is the going out going out bag.

The kids have been swimming ALL week, 5 days in a row. L1 has swimming lessons, a holiday program. L2 and L3 goes along for a little swim. It's great! The past week has seen all three of them being a lot more confident in the water. L1 learnt a few arm strokes, he could swim underwater for about 6 meters. He does somersaults! L2 dunks his head underwater, blows out bubbles for a good 6 seconds. He is also a lot more coordinated now in the water. L3... simply just loves to splash, paddle and play.

Boy am I glad the weekend is here, and the swimming program has ended. It's all good fun, but packing and unpacking the swimming bag is a bit of a chore! And the head is a bit dizzy and sore... eyes darting from L1 to L2 to L3 to L2 to L3 etc etc. And oh yeah, getting them ALL out of the pool and in the shower is good fun... NOT.

I'm ready for a little bit of a sleep in.

Happy weekend everyone!
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