Saturday, 7 January 2012

Raindrops on roses...

Photo A Day Challenge

Day 7|Favourite

My favourite author (at the moment) is Paullina Simons. She writes on frailties of family, and of human nature. I am on to my fourth book at the moment, and "The Girl in Times Square" is by far my favourite. It's about a girl called Lily Quinn who is faced with 2 pieces of extreme, life changing luck - one good and one bad. She struck lotto, but at the same time was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I had my emotions wrung so completely, one minute I was sobbing my heart out, the next minute laughing through my tears! It also has everything a romance glutton like me needs, a bold dashing hero (NYPD cop!) sweeping up sick girl in his arms, into a heart stopping love affair. Great read! Best Blogger Tips

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