Monday, 9 January 2012


Photo A Day Challenge

Day 9|Daily Routine

It's the school holidays.

There is NO routine. The kids wake up...LATE. We sit at the kitchen bench and eat our breakfast at 10.30am! And then we lounge around in our peejays ALL morning. And finally brush our teeth at noon.

We might watch a little TV, play lots of video games... like LOTS of video games. We might go outdoors if the weather is good, jump on the trampoline or take a dip in the pool if it's warm enough. There is JUST no routine.

One thing is for sure, we get under mom's skin a lot... and that is a LOT.

In the picture, daddy was getting ready for work. And he's really REALLY running late! First day back at work...
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Freeman said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you started blogging again, and your blog didn't end up in bloggy heven after all!
I hope your well and had a great christmas and new years xx

Grace said...

Heeyyyy!!We are good, and I hope you are well too. I must email you soon to catch up and RSVP on something :)

XX Happy new year!!

maggie said...

all sitting in a line :) very well behaved. i spot a cheeky Lucas at the end there :)