Sunday, 18 October 2009

Vintage Overalls

Would you believe this is daddy's overalls from the 70's?

My mother-in-law passed them on to us when Lachlan was born, along with a few other treasured items like his uber cool uber vintage potty, a few jumpers in mint condition and a few children's books, a little tattered at the edges but still good. I just thought how wonderful it is that she has kept those items all these years, to be passed on to her son's sons.

Now Lucas is wearing daddy's overalls. I hope one day we will be able to pass them on...

Lucas is doing a little dance called the "monster dance", along with the Hi-5's. At almost 18 months, he is very well steady on his feet, but he doesn't walk. He runs! He loves dancing to the Hi-5's or the Wiggles, and would bob his little bottom up and down with the rhythm. Or sometimes do a little "head bang" with a more up tempo music.

Oh, he's got the groove this one! Best Blogger Tips

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maggie said...

fits him perfectly!! he is just too cute!!!!!