Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pregnancy Diary: Week 6. Morning Sickness

I had morning sickness for ALL of my pregnancies and this one is no exception. In fact, this is the worst of the lot! I don't know, it's hard to describe. Unless you've been pregnant and had morning sickness, you might not know how it feels like. It's like feeling hungry ALL the time, and yet the sight and smell of some food can be off putting. And the moment I feel hungry, that's when I feel like throwing up. So it's a real tricky situation. Want to eat. Can't eat. Must eat all the time to avoid throwing up. Confused yet?

In my case, it is an ALL day sickness. It could strike at any time of the day. In fact it lingers on for most part of the day. Sometimes I get violently ill, a picture too ugly to paint. It's awful I know, and because of this, I'm now terrified of being pregnant all over again.

My boys distract me. I still roll about on the carpet with Lucas, despite the occasional stares I get from errr...relatives. I still take them swimming, to the park and all our usual activities. But I get so darn tired. I fall asleep ALL the time. I sleep when Lucas has his afternoon nap, on the floor by the cot, my darling Lachie plays or reads all by himself. In a flitting conscious moment, when all of a sudden I realised my responsibilities of my older child, I groggily drag my feet down and say "C'mon Lachie, let's go to bed" and fall asleep all over again, tucked into bed with him. I fall asleep folding the laundry on the couch... until Lucas crept up to me one day and gave my cheek a big bite with his chompers! Ouch!

I guess the upside to all these is that the little tadpole is healthy and progressing normally. That's important and knowing that is comforting. Best Blogger Tips


Wandernut said...

Congrats Gracie, you baby machine!

Couldn't connect to blogspot again for awhile, even with the proxy server. Hahahaha... am so thrilled to hear your no.3 news!

Cheers to a healthy baby!
Perhaps a girly 'L'?

Grace Lee said...


Grace said...

Nutty: Oh gawddd.... I feel like a baby factory! THanks :) So looks like my baby plans for 10-10-10 has been scrapped!

Grace Lee: You knew it didn't yaa?? You guessed it right the first time! ;)

Wandernut said...

So does this mean you can make it for my wedding with baby in tow? Hahahaa ;)

Grace said...

Heheh...possibly!!! When do I have to let you know by?? Would LOVE to! :)