Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pictures for Papa

A little more than a month ago, my parents were here from Malaysia. It was almost the end of winter and the start of spring. My brother had just bought a property with a good sized backyard. My father got stuck in elbow grease, his carefree holiday project had turned into a mammoth task of clearing vast track of winter weeds, overgrown bushes and lopping down huge tree branches. He cleared a patch of land and planted lawn seeds, but sadly his holiday came to an end. Now Papa, this is what your labour of love looks like...

The patch of grass under the Magnolia tree has sprouted, still a little bit patchy, and still needing a little bit of work. Someone told me today they're feeding it with lawn food. :) The lone garden light with the broken pane is still there...

New grass... soft, squishy and lush.

Freshly mowed...head!

The Persimmon tree is thriving, leaves are sprouting.

The tree with the funny spiky "fruit" is now in full bloom. Does anyone know what tree this is?

Loquats aplenty!

And here's a video for your viewing pleasure.

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Teng Heng said...

Thanks, Grace. Nice feeling see the fruits of my labour. Cheers,