Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pictures from the Weekend

On the weekend, we attended not one, but three birthday parties! We drove up to the picturesque Mount Martha on Saturday for a dear friend's 30th birthday (pictures will follow in another post), and on Sunday, we went to a pirates and fairies themed party AND little-e's 1st kings and warriors birthday. It was definitely grand. There were lots of dressing ups as you can imagine.

Arrr me hearties..... too handsome to be a pirate, Lucas doesn't like anything on his head! Half his pirate gear has already been taken off even before we got there.

Shivers me timbers, bless me soul, talk to my hand cos my face ain't understand! This is pirate Lachy spotting land ahoy!

It was a lovely lovely day, the weather was just brilliant. I wished the sun would stay for a while...
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