Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Church Wedding

A few weeks ago, we attended a friend's wedding at a church. It was a beautiful, simple and traditional ceremony, held in one of Melbourne's impressive and monumental churches. This was the first time ever that the boys have entered a church. Lachie was in awe, walking into this ecclesiastical architecture, with its blue-stone facade, high arched ceilings and ornate windows and walls.

The boys were dressed in their little tuxedos. Lachie's striped red tie extended to his mid-thigh when tied at its shortest length, and Lucas didn't wear his tie because it would've swept the floor if he wore it. I must say my boys looked so handsome, I was brimming with pride!

Throughout the ceremony, the boys were pretty well-behaved... except when Lachy discovered that along the rows of pews, there are kneelers in front of the seating bench. Comfortable, padded boards which are elevated about 15-20cm off the ground and they bounce! Just imagine his sheer joy, when he sat bouncing on the kneeler, giggling and laughing like he was at the playground, and my sheer horror!

So, Lucas was also captivated by the whole affair, just a little jittery when the crowd stands to sing certain verses, and demanded to be carried. He wanted to follow what Lachie does. So up and down, they climbed on the pews and up and down, they bounced on the kneeler.

Up until bribery unfolds, a box of raisins for each of them (Hang on, are we allowed to eat in here?). And in return, they would sit quietly like angels. And then guess what? Lucas had to drop his box of raisins, and it went splatter across the aisle. Gaaaahhh! Yep, we picked up every single wrinkly raisin off the church floor. And now the boys are fighting over the last box of raisins. Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Thank goodness, the ceremony was short and sweet. The bride just stunning in her ivory gown, a perfect match for her handsome groom. It was over before we even know it. We enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. The boys attracted much attention, from their "activities" and also a lot of crooning and pinches on their cheeks especially from the ladies. There were all smiles, so it was OK... phew!

Oh, cheeky buggers!
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Leonny said...

Hey Grace .... Love the two boys in suits!! They're sooo adorable!

maggie said...

aww.. they do look very handsome.. and Lucas with those eyes!!! hehe..

you look great too!! the lovely preggers glow is back in action..:)

Wandernut said...

My ovaries are twitching again.

Grace said...

Leonny: Thank you! :)

Mags: Thanks!!! :) Hey, your boys were suppose to borrow these suits remember? Must help me wear it to its worth! Anyways, when are you going back to Malaysia?

Nutty: HEhehe... twitch twitch!! Aim for 11-11-11?? Or is that too late??? 7-11 also can lah! ;)