Monday, 17 May 2010

A Special Gift from a Bloggy Friend

Look what Mr. Postman brought in the mail today?

A parcel for Lily Jade, her very first one. And inside are two cutest little softies, a giraffe named "Alfie" and a bear tag blanket with her name "Lily Jade" embroidered on it! Her very own security blanket! I'm sure it will be following her to bed, to the shops, to a holiday, to grandma's and everywhere for many many years to come.

Thank you so very much Charmaine and your family for your thoughtful and generous gift. I am deeply honoured, that someone we have not even met personally, is thinking of us. We hope to one day meet you and your family.

Grace and Lily Jade Best Blogger Tips

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Charmaine said...

Grace and Lily, glad the gifts arrived today. I did receive an email saying that the postie will drop it off. Hope to meet one day. I am in Melb for girlie weekend on the June long weekend, but it's filled with Jersey Boys, shopping etc already. On my next trip or if you pop up to Sydney.