Monday, 10 May 2010

Birthday Buddies

Lily Jade, Lachlan and Lucas have birthdays a week apart from each other. So, 2.5 weeks in, after the birth of Lily, we celebrated the boys' birthdays. Lucas turned 2 and Lachlan 4.

My boys were so handsome on the day.

Lucas was full of energy, running, spinning and tumbling around, a result of all the lollies and chocolates he has eaten for breakfast. Lachlan has this huge smile on his face, his excited chatter filled the house as his friends from kinder and pre-kinder years rolled in. And presents! Oh my goodness, I have a lounge room that resembles Al's Toy Barn and storage space that looks like Santa's!

My plan for the party was a simple one. I know I will have my hands full with a newborn, and I shouldn't be doing anything more than pizza and cake. But mom being here, she insisted on cooking up a storm. Her Malaysian dishes were a big hit, but that left us with more than half a dozen boxes of uneaten pizzas.

The kids played pass the parcel and had a go at a home made pinata which Gary and I put together the night before. There were so much lollies I feel like sending each kid home with a "sorry" note for their parents in anticipation of the 7pm hyperactivity. You see, being "confined" at home with a new baby, I had to send Gary out to shop for the party. And the list for him was quite simple really, lollies, chocolates, fun stuff for the pinata and lolly bags. He came home with enough sweets for 15 pinatas and 10 parties.

And as for the cakes... well, I think I deserved two big pats on my back. But what I got was even better, two huge smiles on two very happy boys. Lucas chose a lollipop birthday cake, a design from the Women's Weekly Kids Birthday Party book (Phew, an easy one!). And Lachlan, we all know he wanted a scary green alien cake. The alien turned out to be one of the friendliest looking thing. It's hard to make scary looking things unless I let the boys decorate the cakes themselves!

Next year? Let's not think about it yet...

And a special Happy Birthday to our birthday buddy Aunty Lins, we love you! XOX Best Blogger Tips


Shih Yee said...

Happy Birthday Lachlan and Lucas and a belated birthday to hot mama, Gracie! Muaks! xoxo

Auntie Shih Yee, Uncle Miin, Jonathan & Kaitlyn

mamapumpkin said...

Wow, ur husband sure has his p*nis under control, huh?! A very happy birthday to u & ur family! (Minus the hubs, when's his bday then?) How wonderfully convenient!