Friday, 14 May 2010

Moments That Matter

Some time last year, we attended the first birthday of a lovely little girl, Kiara. And along with her birthday festivities, she had a Naming Ceremony to celebrate this very significant milestone. The day was beautiful, clear blue skies, lots of sunshine and a light breeze playing on our hair and we all stood under a shady tree in the front garden of her house. The kids were playing on the grass. There was a happy, positive energy in the air.

This ceremony was the first I have ever heard of. It was officiated by a civil celebrant, who was actually also the birthday girl's grandmother. It was special. Such a momentous time in her life, it needs to be celebrated and remembered.

"Ceremonies mark life’s essential moments. They may reflect your beliefs, hopes, traditions, culture and spirituality but they must express who you are. They should be celebrated because of who we are and with whom we share our lives."
Anna Wong, civil celebrant.

Anna is an Australian registered civil celebrant, mother of 3, trained nurse, midwife, childbirth educator and founder of Moments That Matter.

Her passion for family, children and life led her to train as a Civil Celebrant in 2008. She now combines her specialist training in Childbirth Education and Parenting with Civil Celebrant services in a business that celebrates the love, passion and wonders of life's "Moments That Matter".

Anna trained as a nurse and midwife in England and moved to Singapore in 1980. She founded her own health education centre called Birth & Beyond in 1985 and quickly became a leader in the field of childbirth education and parenting. She has spent over 24 years educating, supporting, empowering and inspiring women and their partners through pregnancy, birth and beyond in Singapore and Indonesia.

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