Monday, 24 May 2010

Happy Fullmoon!

It's been a month since you were born, and I can't believe how time flies.

Once more, I never knew I was capable of feeling so much joy, warmth, love, heartache, and satisfaction.

I never knew I could lie awake in the wee hours, despite the sleep deprivation, feeling like I have my heart outside of my body.

It's amazing how something so small could make someone feel so important and happy.

You have been my favourite baby, just don't tell the others......... ;) Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

happy fullmoon! she is definitely your little princess..:)

Ching Mei Lim said...

you look great! ;) Mwah!

Leonny said...

You look beautiful, and she's just sooo adorable! :D

mamapumpkin said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! And so are you!

Grace said...

happy belated fullmoon little lily. And OH, I'M STILL Sleep deprived and its Charlottes birthday in 2 days!

Grace said...

Thank you so much ladies!!! XOXOX