Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rest and Recuperation

The best thing about "Asian Confinement" is the time it allows for resting and recuperating. You know what they say about not getting your hands wet, or not being allowed out of the house, else you'll get "wind in your bones" and arthritis in the old age. Well, is it a myth or is it not? Either way, I'm happy not doing any washing or toddler poo duties or cooking or kinder runs. There are more important things to concentrate on right now, like putting my feet up and having a bit more baby and mummy bonding time.

And the next best thing is definitely the food! Warm, sensuous aroma of sesame seed oil and fragrant shredded ginger toasting on the pan... mmmm. It warms you up inside out.

I guess there's no way better than the middle way. I don't do extremes like not washing my hair for a month. Ugh! I can't stand it, 4 days is my max. And in between there's dry shampoo that my lovely friend Laura gave to me. And of course I do wash my hands in running tap water especially before lunch and after changing a precious little princess' pooey bottom! *LOL*

I am extremely lucky to have my mom and dad here from Malaysia. They keep the boys entertained and mom pampers me daily with her delicious home cooked meals. So thank you mom and dad, we are so grateful for all the help we get. Best Blogger Tips

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