Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Confinement Food

For the past month or so, the food I've been eating comes in many different shades of brown. The list is weird but wonderful and let me tell you this, it is the BEST thing about being in "confinement".

Every meal I had is protein rich, and almost everything is cooked in sesame oil and ginger! Sauteed chicken in sesame seed oil and ginger, pork in ginger, omelette with ginger, chinese broccoli with ginger, and everything topped with crispy toasted ginger shreds. It's absolutely divine!

In most Asian culture and beliefs, it is customary for a woman who have just given birth to a baby to remain indoors, kept away from the chill and wind and to be kept warm at all times. And the special diet in confinement is said to nourish one's body, to expel wind, to keep warm and to revitalise the health of the woman back to its original state. (wish!)

So mum flew in from Malaysia, and cooked me three square meals a day. She made nutritious herbal soups with lots of brandy. She looked after the boys, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and shopped for groceries. And dad has changed more dirty nappies in the last 2 weeks than he ever had in his entire life! Bless you both mum and dad, we are a very very fortunate bunch!

Goji berries with herbs and red dates in chicken broth, topped with lots of crispy ginger shreds

Steamed belly pork with pickled mustard green "mui choy".

Stewed pig trotters, eggs and ginger in sweet black vinegar. This is such a popular dish, that was even eaten by most of our visiting family and friends. My mother in law made a huge pot some months ago, and was first eaten by my sister in law after the birth of her son. She kept adding more and more stuff into the pot each week, enriching its flavour and richness. She said that the stew could keep up to 3 years because of the pure black vinegar acting as a preservative. Ugh!

And my absolute favourite: Pig stomach pepper soup!

At this moment, you're either salivating at the thought of confinement food or being sick with disgust wondering how one could consume bits of gut and trotter and say it's the best food in the world! Best Blogger Tips

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Kai ma said...

omg i'm just salivating thinking of the food... i seriously am a bit the hormonal ALL THE TIME! =)