Thursday, 13 May 2010

Feeding Lily Jade

One of the striking differences between the two boys when they were babies and Lily was how they fed. For the boys, milk was serious business. Chomp chomp chomp nom nom nom, and the job is done 20 minutes tops. *burp*

Lily opens her mouth, looks around, attaches, detaches, fiddles around with the nipple, tries to reattach, sucks a bit, withdraws a bit and it takes for...e...ver. And milk! It goes everywhere! It dribbles down her cheeks, pools in her ear, and I get a wet sleeve. It is so bloody annoying.

Sometimes I sit in my big comfy chair with Lily snuggled up against my chest, and just drift off to sleep, only to be woken up by a loud snort! Was that me?? Gahh... have I dropped Lily?? Did I fall asleep?? How long has it been?? An hour??? And she's still fiddling with my nipples...

Sigh... I feel a bit more like a dummy at times... Best Blogger Tips

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Diane Lim-Sisler said...

Maybe its a girl thing. My 1st born was the same way and now, Noelle takes awhile to feed to (average time = 50 mins). Then the tough part is getting her to burp so I don't worry about her spitting up in her sleep. Hang in there!